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The New Hampshire State House subcommittee (U.S) voted for policy action regarding the issue of radio-frequency radiation

New Hampshire lawmakers voted to recommend action on the issue of wireless radio-frequency (RF) radiation. This is a historic action by New Hampshire legislatures and will result in the proposal of new statewide legislation addressing cell towers and wireless networks.  Over the last few months, the New Hampshire House subcommittee of the Committee on Science, Technology, and Energy has held study sessions on RF featuring numerous experts, organizations and residents. In addition, wireless industry consultants and employees have presented testimony.

The meetings were conveyed because proposed House Bill 1644 was sent to interim study. HB 1644 would have established a setback of 1640 feet for cellular antennas from homes.  On September 26, 2022, the NH House subcommittee passed a motion that “we recommend further action be done covering the subjects of radio frequency radiation involving education, acknowledging the issue involving more technical aspects that could involve frequency as well as the power and we suggest a priority be placed on any legislation that might be considered along these lines and that also the committee and municipal county governments be involved in such further legislation as well.”

Watch the 9/26/2022 Meeting

The vote has made national News and was featured in Yahoo News  “Lawmakers consider cell phone tower restrictions” by Kevin Landrigan, The New Hampshire Union Leader, Manchester.

Several experts have testified during the study sessions and hearings over the last few months including  Kent Chamberlin Chairman Emeritus of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of New Hampshire who has long been advocating for safer technology since serving on the New Hampshire State 5G Commission.

Bill sponsors Representatives Patrick Abrami, and Gary Woods, MD as well as Senator Denise Ricciardi have long championed the bill.  Presenters over the last few months in the study sessions and bill hearings included Kent Chamberlin, Cecelia Doucette, Jen White, Courtney Gilardi, Scott McCollough, telecommunications lawyer, and Susan Foster, who spoke about how the firefighters in California fought to get cell antennas of their stations.

Theodora Scarato, Executive Director of Environmental Health Trust, a scientific think tank,  was one of the presenters. She  focused on myths and facts regarding cell tower safety. Scarato shared how “cell tower radiation exemplifies the issue of a regulatory gap. The National Cancer Institute, World Health Organization, Center for Disease Control, Food and Drug Administration and American Cancer Society have not reviewed the totality of the science to determine if FCC’s limits are safe. In fact, no one is watching the store. There is no federal agency with health or science expertise considering the science on health impacts from cell tower radiation. There is no research report that systematically has reviewed the science to ensure safety. The federal government has dropped the ball.”

EHT’s briefing Cell Tower Radiation: A Regulatory Gap was shared with the lawmakers.

Full article: State House Subcommittee Votes for Policy Action in re RF Radiation for Cell Towers and Wireless Networks

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