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The mayors of Lituania municipalities unmasked the COVID-19 statistics – There are currently almost 6 times fewer people being ill in the country than previously reported.”

“Everyone sees people who have recovered from COVID-19 infection the longest, and they are still on the lists as sick. We get data from the Public Health Center every day and see what the Department of Statistics is sending. It points out that 146 people were ill in Širvintos district on February 5, and NVSC writes that 116 people are ill. I thought where the discrepancy was here and started looking at the lists. I saw that one employee of Širvintos district municipality, who has been recovering from COVID-19 infection for a long time, has been working for 2.5 months, but her name is on the list of patients. And another employee of the municipality has long since recovered and returned to work, and in the list – she is ill. One “patient” has long since recovered and gone abroad to work. Only 23 patients remained in Širvintos district on February 9. Instead of 146.”

Whole text can be translated from:

“Changing COVID-19 patient counting methodology: Ministry of Health admits – statistics have never been accurate.”
“There are currently almost 6 times fewer people being ill in the country than previously reported.”
(statistics count deaths if positive test was present)

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