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California school district forced to postpone C-19 mandate

Wanting to transform California into the prototype of what government overreach looks like, Governor Gavin Newsom, shortly after beating his recall election, announced major COVID-19 mandates that forced workers and teachers to take the so-called miracle drug. Not only that, with the FDA approving the shot for children 5 and older, Newsom also mandated that all children attending school, public or private, had to get the jab before being able to attend classes. While waving his arm and slinging mandates faster than President Joe Biden, it appears Newsom’s mandates are nothing more than hot air.

On Friday, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) broke the news that the original deadline of January 10,2o22 for mandatory shots was being postponed to September of that year. The reason for the sudden and drastic shift is due to the fact that over 30,000 students in the LAUSD system alone would not be allowed to attend classes.

If the mandate was to go into effect on its original date, the program “City of Angels” would have to create resources and space to accommodate all 30,000-plus students for independent study. And according to officials, the program has been struggling already since the beginning of the year. To add a massive influx of students would cripple the program practically overnight.

Acting LAUSD Superintendent Megan Reilly stated, “Los Angeles Unified applauds the 86.52 percent of students aged 12 and older and their families who are in compliance with the vaccine mandate, and the many other families who are still in the process of adding their vaccine records to the system. This is a major milestone, and there’s still more time to get vaccinated!”

Surprisingly, Reilly never mentioned how the mandate was being postponed due to tens of thousands of children not getting the shot.

While some districts try to convince students to get the COVID-19 shot, offering them free pizza, the final decision on if the postponement will be approved or not lies in the hands of the Board of Education. They are expected to make an announcement on Tuesday.

Article: California school district forced to postpone C-19 mandate as 30,000 kids didn’t comply

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