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‘Veriff’ has officially released its first suite of digital identity verification solutions specifically developed for metaverse applications

Veriff has officially released its first suite of digital identity verification solutions specifically developed for metaverse applications, including age verification and ID document checks.

The new IDV tools are designed to discard bots and block sold accounts to make sure metaverse users are interacting with real people within their digital environment, according to a company blog post.

To this end, the company has implemented a multi-account prevention feature, which can stop account duplicates and only allow ‘honest’ users within the metaverse to use services.

Veriff typically provides fraud prevention through video selfie biometrics and other technologies.

“We see more people enjoying the metaverse, especially youngsters, and therefore establishing stronger digital trust at the very beginning of the journey will be paramount to its overall success,” comments Veriff Co-founder and CPO Janer Gorohhov.

In addition, Veriff’s technology will now be able to verify the identities of metaverse users while also protecting underage users from inappropriate or age-restricted content.

According to the company, this will be done by enabling automated, age-appropriate virtual experiences, while also preventing bad actors from infiltrating the user’s digital space.

“As more metaverse-based companies work to self-regulate this new digital space, Veriff has already kicked off first use cases with top metaverse companies to ensure safety on their platforms,” Gorohhov explains.

Finally, Veriff has brought its document scanning and verification to the metaverse, enabling users to complete onboarding promptly and securely.

“It is crucial to invest in additional measures like identity verification including age verification but also parent and guardian verification to make the space more transparent and secure for all users,” Gorohhov concludes.

The company has been particularly active in the last quarter of 2021, joining the Visa Fintech Partner Connect Program in September, partnering with Deel in November, and announcing a record year of financing earlier this month.

Article: Veriff brings digital identity verification to metaverse

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