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‘Disney’ tests out face biometrics for theme park access control

Disney California Adventure is testing out a facial recognition entry system, according to Disneyland News Today.

Gates were installed at one of the Disneyland park’s entrances a few weeks ago. During the testing period at least, guests can’t use the MagicBand+ RFID bracelets at the gates, though there are touchpoints available.

First, a guest has their photo taken if one is not already in the system. When they scan their ticket at the gate, a camera above takes a scan of the guest’s face to biometrically compare it to the photo in the system. The gates open once the guest is verified.

Shannen Ace participated in the test run. When she went to take a photo of the screen, it said too many faces were detected. She also needed to take off her sunglasses for her identity to be verified. She found that it took longer than it normally would.

Walt Disney World Resort in Florida ran a similar test back in March 2021, but it ended in May 2021 and the system wasn’t permanently put into use. All of Universal Orlando theme parks got upgraded with facial recognition for entry last year. Epic Universe, set to open in Orlando, Florida mid-2025, will also use facial recognition.

Article: Disney tests out face biometrics for theme park access control

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