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How technocommunism will institute the CBDC: The central bank game plan in under 3 minutes

The entire global financial system is now essentially a technocommunist black ops money laundering crime scene. Central banks, their wall street coconspirators and the major corporations are all colluding in ushering in their hyper-centralized CBDC dystopia. This central bank “currency” will of course be inextricably tethered to the A.I. social credit score system which will algorithmically surveil and control the genetically modified debt-slave tax mules.

The perdurable emergency “pandemic” scheme has emboldened the banksters such that they are now showing their hand, goading the public with their cashless power grab.

Pfizer’s petri dish nation of Israel is leading the way. Not only is the Israeli populace undergoing a slow motion holocaust by slow kill bioweapon injection currently at dose 6, but they are now being aggressively herded into a CBDC hell.

Cash deals exceeding 6,000 NIS ($1,700) will be illegal, as part of the effort to fight against money laundering and criminal activity; the law will exempt charitable institutions and trade with West Bank Palestinians

By invoking money laundering and criminal activity these illegitimate anti-human governments are simply projecting their very own crimes, while attempting to steal away the last vestiges of people’s freedoms.

“We want the public to reduce the use of cash money,” Adv. Tamar Bracha, who is in charge of executing the law on behalf of Israel’s Tax Authority, told The Media Line. “The goal is to reduce cash fluidity in the market, mainly because crime organizations tend to rely on cash. By limiting the use of it, criminal activity is much harder to carry out.”


In other words, reduce freedom fluidity and remove all privacy. And it is no coincidence that Israel has one of the most advanced “vaccine” passport programs which will seamlessly integrate with their CBDC scheme.

The goal is to not only link every human to their social credit score, but to tax, inflate (stealth tax), debank and deperson at will. Building on the DEATHVAX™ program, everyone will be injected with nano-microchips which will assimilate the posthuman digital-chattel into the AI. The elites will then finally gain control of the very lifespans of their pod dwelling synthetic bug sludge eating subjects.

Ironically, the BIS General Manager happens to be a man whose lack of impulse control as it pertains to his eating addictions directly carries over to his insatiable compulsion for tyranny:

“We do not know who is using a hundred dollar bill today.” Busybodies likeAgustin Carstens have less than zero authority to know anything about what anyone is using, or doing, or anything about them, whether it be cash, medical records, communications or anything else for that matter.

Not that the NSA and CIA have these rights, nor does the Constitution allows for internationalist technocommunist banksters; quite the contrary, but we digress.

Theft via taxation is nothing more than social engineering, and so too is this rush to a cashless brave new world. CBDC’s represent one of the last steps in the final social engineering solution.

And just like the UN, WEF and WHO, the BIS operates outside of all sovereign government laws. It is the monetary arm of the One World Government, leading with the requisite environmental, social and governance “criteria” as outlined in the UN’s Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. Because a cashless society perfectly paves the way for a propertyless society.

It is also no coincidence that the CBDC is the high tech apotheosis of the 5th Plank of the Communist Manifesto:

Centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly.

Today this Plank may be updated to read as follows: Hyper-centralization of the singular global CBDC in the hands of internationalist technocrats with exclusive monopoly. The other Planks require similar revision for today’s technocommunism.

WEF eviscerated nations like Israel, Canada, Australia and New Zealand will be the CBDC trial balloon experiments. The obvious goal upon successful abolition of cash in each respective nation is to port the respective CBDC into a singular crypto-SDR CBDC for a true one world currency.

Which brings us to Richard Werner’s must see presentation: The Central Bank Gam Plan In Under 3 Minutes.

Article: How technocommunism will institute the CBDC: The central bank game plan in under 3 minutes

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