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Israel’s defense minister Benny Gantz vows to kill ‘Hamas’ leaders ‘around the world’

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Israel will kill Hamas leaders responsible for the Oct. 7 massacre “in Gaza and around the world,” Benny Gantz, minister-without-portfolio in the War Cabinet, said on Wednesday.

“There will be no sanctuary cities, no sanctuary houses. We will go wherever we need to in order to eradicate child murderers — above and below ground, in Gaza, and around the world,” the former defense minister and IDF chief declared in a press statement delivered in Tel Aviv.

“We will reach the heads of [the Hamas] government just as we reached the centers of [that] government,” Gantz said.

The Hamas leaders on Israel’s radar include the terrorist organization’s politburo head Ismail Haniyeh, chief in Gaza Yahya Sinwar, “military” wing commander Mohammed Deif, “military” wing deputy commander Marwan Issa, “military” wing boss in Judea and Samaria Saleh al-Arouri, and former politburo chief Khaled Mashaal.

Israeli forces entered Shifa Hospital in Gaza City overnight Tuesday to conduct a “precision operation” against Hamas. Gantz provided a general update on the ground operation in the Strip.

“IDF soldiers continue to operate deep inside Gaza City against those who have turned hospitals into command centers, from which war crimes are committed,” he said.

He then turned to the northern border and the escalating tensions with Iran’s terrorist proxy Hezbollah in Lebanon.

“What we’re doing effectively in the south, can work even better in the north, if necessary,” he said.

Article: Israel’s Gantz Vows to Kill Hamas Leaders ‘Around the World’

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