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Italy will begin rationing electricity to ‘support Ukraine’, with public buildings banned from running air conditioning at lower than 25 degrees or heating higher than 19 degrees

The plan is being dubbed ‘Operation Thermostat’ and is being hailed as the example for Italians to follow in their own private homes.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi promoted the campaign by asking, “Do we want to have peace or do we want to have the air conditioning on?”

Presumably, the ‘price of peace’ is now a permanent reduction in your quality of life.

“I’m not exactly sure how adjusting your thermostat is going to achieve ‘peace’, but hey we’re living in the age of sentimental manipulation over reason, so – just believe,” comments Kit Knightly.

“There’s no talk yet of this kind of energy-rationing rule extending to private businesses or homes, but a marker has been set down. Expect other nations to follow suit.”

Knightly explains how the narrative that people need to ration their energy use (which is already happening thanks to soaring prices caused by the sanctions imposed on Russia) has been seamlessly transferred from the less convincing ‘save the planet’ argument to the ‘support Ukraine’ ubiquitous virtue signal.

Of course, under the Great Reset, serfs on the globalist plantation are being asked to reduce their living standards, while elitists and technocrats who set the policies will continue to enjoy first class travel, the best food on offer, and every imaginable luxury comfort.

Meanwhile, four in ten Brits face falling into fuel poverty when the price cap rises again in October.

Upper middle class people who live in rich enclaves of England will however continue to happily pay higher energy prices while flying ‘I stand with Ukraine’ flags.

They can afford it, unlike most of the rest of the country.

Article: Italy to Start Rationing Energy to ‘Support Ukraine’

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