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Japan unveils further sanctions on Russia following G7 Summit

Japan’s government announced new sanctions Friday against Russia for its ongoing invasion of Ukraine and recent agreement to deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus.

The sanctions include measures meant to freeze the assets of 17 Russian individuals and 78 entities. According to a statement from the Japanese Foreign Ministry, the sanctioned individuals are “considered to be directly involved in” Russia’s “annexation” of portions of Ukraine. The sanctions also enact restrictions on payment and capital transactions with the sanctioned individuals. Beyond that, the sanctions prohibit the export of goods to 80 Russian military-related entities.

Japan issued the sanctions following a recent G7 summit, which Japan hosted from May 18 to May 19. During the summit, G7 member states agreed to combine international efforts and enforce measures against Russia for its ongoing violent acts in breach of multiple international conventions and treaties.

Following the G7 summit, the Biden administration stated, “We remain united in imposing coordinated sanctions and other economic actions to further undermine Russia’s capacity to wage it’s illegal aggression…we will starve Russia of G7 technology, industrial equipment and services that support its war machine.”

Friday’s announcement from the Japanese Foreign Ministry echoed the Biden administration, stating the sanctions were issued “for the purpose of contributing to the international efforts for achieving international peace.”

Article: Japan unveils further sanctions on Russia following G7 Summit

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